professional Flipsight



During my 9 months of work at Flipsight, a Berlin-based startup, I worked as part of a small, dynamic team of five developers on a large competency management application. My focus was mainly on improving the frontend of the application.

Key Contributions:

  • User Creation Wizard: I lead the development of a new user creation wizard, enhancing the process of adding users to the platform.
  • Performance Optimization: Optimizing a massive matrix table, a crucial component of the application that handles extensive data. By implementing optimistic UI updates, React concurrency, Memoization and simplifying the node structure , I increased the table's performance substantially, enhancing user experience and system responsiveness.
  • UI Component Standardization: Recognizing the need for consistency and maintainability in our application, I established a set of patterns and guides for clean UI components. This initiative not only improved the aesthetic coherence of the application but also simplified the development process for current and future team members.